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Women Deserve Compassion in Our Health Care

I have been sitting and thinking on this for several days now, and I've realized this is something I feel strongly enough about that I need to express my thoughts and feelings publicly. I am 100% pro-choice.  By that, I... Continue Reading →


{Quiet Strength} Leah

No mother should ever be faced with the reality of losing their child, especially not at 5 or 6 years old.  Please take a minute to visit this post on  my photography page.  Share this family's story to help raise... Continue Reading →

One Wild and Precious Life

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" -Mary Oliver   Have you ever read something that just punches you in the gut with its truth and takes your breath away with its... Continue Reading →

“Mommy Play Legos!”

I am not a perfect mother, no one is, there is always room for improvement.  Last night my daughter pointed this out to me, followed later by husband. While my daughter was contentedly playing by herself, I decided to take... Continue Reading →

2 Years

Two years ago you entered my world and I was forever changed.  After all of the fears and worry I had developed about whether you would arrive safe and healthy, you came out kicking and screaming.  You still have an... Continue Reading →

Let Her Jump, She Just Might Fly

Oh these little ones.  When they are born it is a sudden change from only really having to worry about yourself to now having a tiny little person 100% dependent on you.  It takes months to adjust to this new... Continue Reading →

What Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Feels Like

After all of the support and great conversation started by my post yesterday, I realized it was missing something.  My goal was to be open and honest about postpartum depression and mood disorders and to start a public dialogue about... Continue Reading →


So real quick, I took the step to create a Facebook page for the blog! Please go and follow at!  Thanks for all the love and for reading my words!   

Open and Honest: My Experience with Postpartum Depression

I love using this space as place to write about my experiences as a mom, and most of the time I gush about how awesome it is.  I try to keep it honest by acknowledging the difficulties and the hard... Continue Reading →

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