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We Haven’t Come Far Enough With Postpartum Depression Screening

My 6 week postpartum follow-up appointment with my OB was scheduled for the day that should have been my estimated due date.  It was a short appointment.  She oohed and ahhed over my baby, did a quick physical exam to... Continue Reading →


Digging Out Of the Dark

As with most major life changes there are great joys, but also some lows.  This is simply natural when adjusting to big changes.  Moving and adjusting to New Zealand has been no different. I absolutely love it here.  This place... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home (A.K.A. I never want to leave my baby girl again)

This week I had to travel out of town for a conference for work, I flew out first thing Saturday morning, and got back just barely in time for bedtime Wednesday night.  That was 5 - F.I.V.E. - full days... Continue Reading →

Why I love and hate the Kim Kardashian nude selfie

So first I want to say this, I am not a fan of the Kardashians.  The fact that I am now writing an entire posed inspired by one of their antics kind of makes my stomach churn a little.  I... Continue Reading →

What Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Feels Like

After all of the support and great conversation started by my post yesterday, I realized it was missing something.  My goal was to be open and honest about postpartum depression and mood disorders and to start a public dialogue about... Continue Reading →

A Toddler’s Love Language

It is becoming a special moment at the end of the day.  After boundaries have been tested, battles have been won and lost, and patience is dwindling.  After dinner time, and bath time, and jammie and story time.  I lie... Continue Reading →


I am exhausted.  My whole family, including me, got struck with a horrendous stomach bug.  Work has been insanely busy.  I have been cranky and irritable.  I wake up unable to go back to sleep for hours in the middle of the night,... Continue Reading →

Community Not Competition

There's a hashtag floating around the photography world, #communityNOTcompetition. Every time I see this on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter I immediately think about how relevant it is to motherhood. It disheartens me when I see articles, posts, or comments full... Continue Reading →

One and Done

As the title of this blog, and the first post, implies, I only have one child, and will only have one child.  For me and my husband this is a conscious choice that was made prior to ever becoming pregnant.  ... Continue Reading →

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