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We Haven’t Come Far Enough With Postpartum Depression Screening

My 6 week postpartum follow-up appointment with my OB was scheduled for the day that should have been my estimated due date.  It was a short appointment.  She oohed and ahhed over my baby, did a quick physical exam to... Continue Reading →


All I Ask In This World For My Daughter

The last few weeks have been really tough as a parent.  The news and social media are filled with so many sad stories.  Stories of loss, hate, injustice, prejudice, fear, you name a negative thing and it's there.  From the... Continue Reading →

When You Go Camping with a Toddler, Make Sure You Have Videos on Your Phone

This past weekend we went on our first camping trip for 2016 - with our 2 1/2 year old toddler. We don't do RV or camper van style camping, we do the full tent and cooking over an open flame... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home (A.K.A. I never want to leave my baby girl again)

This week I had to travel out of town for a conference for work, I flew out first thing Saturday morning, and got back just barely in time for bedtime Wednesday night.  That was 5 - F.I.V.E. - full days... Continue Reading →

ALL Birth is Natural

April is cesarean awareness month.  I know, I know - there's a month, a week, a day, a color, a ribbon, a something for every disease, disorder, condition, syndrome, event, etc. you can imagine.  So why in the world would... Continue Reading →

Why I love and hate the Kim Kardashian nude selfie

So first I want to say this, I am not a fan of the Kardashians.  The fact that I am now writing an entire posed inspired by one of their antics kind of makes my stomach churn a little.  I... Continue Reading →

Women Deserve Compassion in Our Health Care

I have been sitting and thinking on this for several days now, and I've realized this is something I feel strongly enough about that I need to express my thoughts and feelings publicly. I am 100% pro-choice.  By that, I... Continue Reading →

“Mommy Play Legos!”

I am not a perfect mother, no one is, there is always room for improvement.  Last night my daughter pointed this out to me, followed later by husband. While my daughter was contentedly playing by herself, I decided to take... Continue Reading →

2 Years

Two years ago you entered my world and I was forever changed.  After all of the fears and worry I had developed about whether you would arrive safe and healthy, you came out kicking and screaming.  You still have an... Continue Reading →

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